Jansen Sapno
CPAP Consultant

Jansen Sapno is a third-year registered nurse. He completed a Bachelor of Nursing degree at Western Sydney University in 2017 before starting his nursing career at Campbelltown and Camden Hospitals. Jansen has worked as a Sleep Technician at the Institute of Sleep Medicine.

His work at the Institute of Sleep Medicine involved performing sleep studies, CPAP titrations and educating people on the signs and symptoms of sleep disorders. It was during this time that Jansen developed a passion for helping people with sleeping disorders and he has established a good understanding of CPAP machines and fitting CPAP masks.

Jansen has been trained in all the leading brands of Resmed, Philips Respironics and Fisher and Paykel Healthcare. He has a good understanding of all the algorithms related to the CPAP machines as well as a good knowledge of all the data downloaded from the machines. Jansen has a good understanding of the mask fitting and getting the best mask for people.

Most of all Jansen has a great demeanor and patience when dealing with customers. He understands that people with sleep disorders need care and understanding and he prides himself of making sure people feel comfortable using their CPAP machine and mask