Rates Outline

CPAP machine trial $175 per month
BIPAP ST or SV machine trial

We take your credit card details for security purposes but will not process any money. These details are destroyed at the end of the trial period.

A late fee of $10 per day applies when overdue on machine rental, up to a maximum of $150 per month.

NB Each patient requires a new tube for hygiene reasons. These are $25-$100 and can be credited upon machine purchase dependent upon if you want a standard tube or a heated tube.

$250 per month
Mask trial

The first mask trial fee, upon purchase of the mask the first week only is deducted from the purchase price.

The first mask trial is free with a machine rental. (This covers 1 month ONLY)

$25 per week
Sterilisation Fee $25 per mask

Clinical Services

Mask fitting and education on machine $100
Consultation Fee (includes download, mask refit and education) $30
Goodwill package (unlimited downloads, assessments and education for 2 years) $200
Repair Processing Fee $55
Repair Costs – These must be paid before a repair can be approved As Quoted by Company