Benchmark Overview

Benchmark Sleep Services is a business owned and operated by sleep experts with the experience to deal with all issues. Benchmark Sleep Services is dedicated to providing outstanding service which achieves good patient outcomes without compromising the highest medical and ethical standards.

The General Manager of Benchmark Sleep Services - and the face of Benchmark Sleep Services - is Christian Rabatsch. He completed a Bachelor of Science degree in 1990 and has specialised in sleep disorders ever since. He has over 5 year's clinical experience managing a number of sleep units in Sydney. For the past 10 years he has worked as a senior executive with the Philips Respironics and Fisher and Paykel Healthcare organisations. His passion for sleep disorders is unquestionable and his knowledge of sleep disorders and therapies is unmatched anywhere.

In 2011 Benchmark Sleep Services was born. Christian felt there was a distinct lack of understanding of what was needed to provide a comprehensive service and most suppliers had poor communication with the Physicians and Sleep Units. Benchmark Sleep Services has worked hard over the last few years to open this communication up and that is why we have a good ethical reputation and pride themselves on working closely with your Physician or Sleep unit to optimise your CPAP treatment.

In 2014 Fisher and Paykel Healthcare awarded Benchmark the coveted award of CPAP supplier of the year. Benchmark Sleep services was chosen from a  group of over 100 suppliers and the key factor in this award was the service their staff provide and the feedback from the public.

In 2014 Benchmark Sleep Services was also given Sleep Health Foundation Accreditation. To gain accreditation Benchmark Sleep Services needed to fulfil an extensive criteria list and was able to achieve this due to the service they provide. Some of the criteria is listed below

  • Extensively trained and educated staff. All of our staff have clinical backgrounds and many either have nursing or sleep unit experience
  • Extensive record keeping to ensure that your treatment has been monitored properly for your physician. We maintain contact and download records for all of our customers for the life of their CPAP machine
  • Appropriate area for education and mask fitting - Most of our locations have a dedicated room where privacy is assured and we can fit the mask and educate your in peace. Nearly all of our locations have a bed where fitting of the mask can be performed.

We believe that education and follow up is paramount to achieving good patient outcomes with use of your CPAP machine. This is why we allow one hour for the first initiation to treatment where we explain all the equipment and then make sure your mask fits well. After 2 days you will receive a phone call to discuss issues and after the first week you have a follow up visit where we download all the data from your CPAP Machine. This will allow us to piece together your progress by looking at graphs on mask leakage, AHI ( Apnea Hypopnea Index), and hours of usage for the week to give us an indication of your progress. You would be amazed how motivating the first session can be for a patient who is unsure if it is working for them. This reassurance is critical. The first month is critical and we will book follow up appointments depending upon your progress and this is all free of charge for people who are renting a machine or have purchased a machine. Once a patient purchases a machine through benchmark Sleep Services there is no additional fees for downloading your machine, education with your machine and importantly assistance with your mask.

We understand what a devastating impact untreated sleep apnea can have on a persons life. This is why it is important for you to deal with someone you can trust

With our collective wealth of experience and understanding you can trust Benchmark Sleep Services,  your CPAP specialists.


Staff Biographies

Crows Nest Location

Christian Rabatsch - Owner - Christian has been involved in sleep disorders since 1990 and started Benchmark Sleep Services in 2011. He spent 6 years as manager of Bankstown Sleep Unit and also established Sutherland Sleep unit, Minchinbury Sleep Unit, and Greenacre Sleep Unit. He has been testing and analysing sleep data since and still analyses sleep data today, analysing over 5000 sleep studies. He also worked at Fisher and Paykel Healthcare as state manager for 5 years and then worked for short period at Somnomed who make Mandibular Advancement devices.  Following this period he worked at Philips Respironics for over 5 years as their National Key Account Manager. Christian has attended manufacturer training at all of the major brands of Fisher and Paykel Healthcare, Resmed and Philips Respironics

Victoria Jones - CPAP Consultant - Victoria has been with benchmark Sleep services for over 2 years and prior to this was working with Bankstown sleep unit as a data analyst for analysis of sleep data. She has been around the industry for over 10 years and has a good knowledge of sleep and CPAP. Victoria has attended manufacturer training at all of the major brands of Fisher and Paykel Healthcare, Resmed and Philips Respironics

Shaelene Kiss - Shaelene has been working for Benchmark Sleep Services since we started our shop at Crows Nest. Her previous work history involves working at Nepean Hospital as a NICU nurse where she dealt with lots of young babies and worked with CPAP on these children. She is the go to person for the young children we see in our shop and has great understanding of CPAP and the problems patients face with using CPAP. Shaelene has attended manufacturer training at all of the major brands of Fisher and Paykel Healthcare, Resmed and Philips Respironics

Clare Seiler - Clare has a strong background working for Philips healthcare for a 5 year period where she was firstly in customer service and then went onto be a CPAP consultant in the Sleep Easy centre at St Leonards. She moved from the sleep easy centre and worked for Air Liquide Healthcare before joining the team at Benchmark Sleep Services. Her customer service skills as well as knowledge on all CPAP machines is impressive.


Bella Vista Location

Kristie Prestidge - CPAP Consultant- Kristie has been working with Benchmark sleep services since the inception of our Bella Vista Store. Prior to this she worked as a nurse at Westmead Children's Hospital for 19 years and worked in the Sleep Disorders Clinic at Westmead Children's Hospital for 10 years.  She has extensive experience dealing with CPAP and sleep disorders and has great experience dealing with both adults and children. Kristie has attended manufacturer training at all of the major brands of Fisher and Paykel Healthcare, Resmed and Philips Respironics.


Gosford Location

Jinni Spalding - CPAP Consultant -  Jinni is originally from South Africa where she was a General Practitioner. She is unable to use these qualifications in Australia however has excellent people skills and clinical knowledge from her medical background. Jinni has undergone training in all aspects of CPAP with all the companies from Fisher and Paykel Healthcare, Resmed and Philips Respironics.


Hurstville Location

Barbara Simko - Barbara has been working as a CPAP consultant for over 20 years and was a pioneer in the industry setting up the first pharmacy to seel and educate people with Sleep Apnea. Barbara has a nursing background and has been affectionately know as sister Barbara since she started in the Pharmacy. Her Knowledge of all brands of CPAP machines and masks is second to none and she knows how to set and change pressures on all brands and models for the last 20 years. Barbara has been commonly used by the major companies for education on mask fittingdue to her extensive experience. Barbara has regularly attended the national Australian Sleep Technicians Associations meetings for the last 10 years

Jodie Simko - Jodie is the daughter of Barbara Simko and has been brought up with a knowledge of sleep apnea and CPAP since she was a child. She used to have a shop in the Wollongong region and has over 10 years experience in the industry. Jodie has attended training days from all major manufacturers and regularly attended the national Australian Sleep Technicians Associations meetings for the last 10 years.

Miranda Location - Bob Harrisons SP Chemist

Elizabeth Conridge - Elizabeth has been involved in the sleep industry for many years and has previously worked with Healthy Sleep Solutions and had a break and is now back doing what she does best. Elizabeth has previously managed a nursing home and is well versed in providing excellent patient care and has a very patient personality. Elizabeth has attended manufacturer training at all of the major brands of Fisher and Paykel Healthcare, Resmed and Philips Respironics.

Casino NSW

Margaret Burns - Margaret is originally from new York and has been in nursing all of her life. She has utilised many facets of her nursing to run many healthcare programmes including dialysis and medical administration. Margaret has previously been involved with the Mid North Coast Area health Service before she moved to Casino. Her passion to help people is obvious when you meet her and she has developed a good following with the local community for the assistance she provides and knowledge she has. Margaret has attended training from all the manufacturers on CPAP machines and masks.

Angela Morrissey - Angela has been a casino local all her life and has a nursing background. She has a strong connection to the community and has relationships with many of the local people. Angela has attended training with all the major manufacturers on the machines and masks.

Deborah Armfield - Debbie has been doing supplying CPAP and performing home sleep studies for the past 12 months and has a very patient attitude to care. She is understanding and knowledgeable about sleep disorders and like to help people. She has attended training with all the major manufacturers including Philips Respironics, Resmed and Fisher and Paykel healthcare.

Casula Location - Priceline Pharmacy

Tracey Ngo - CPAP Consultant - Tracey is a Pharmacy graduate who has taken to providing good care for her community in the Liverpool area. Tracey has a great understanding of the workings of all CPAP machines and masks and uses her experience to great advantage. Tracey uses her knowledge well to assist with troubleshooting on issues with CPAP and has good patience with CPAP users. Tracey has attended manufacturer training at all of the major brands of Fisher and Paykel Healthcare, Resmed and Philips Respironics.