The transcend CPAP machines pride themselves on being the smallest and most mobile machines on the market. Transcend CPAP machines are about the size of your hand which makes mobility very easy. They come in both an automatic or fixed pressure model and the fixed pressure model has an added option of Easy Flex which assist when breathing against the pressure.

In addition to the machine there is a great option of a single night (P4) or multinight battery (P8) which can be recharged as many times as needed. The batteries are also a good option is staying in areas where power shortages occur as they can be plugged to the machine at all times and the machine will switch to the battery if there is a power outage.

For the real outgoing types there is also the option of the solar panels which will recharge the batteries within 5 hours. The solar charger is a matt that rolls out and can be rolled up and stored easily.

There is an optional humidifier or base station if required but bear in mind this adds some size to who machine footprint

Included with the machine is a Carry Bag, Download Software, Download Cable, Pressure adapter, CPAP tube.