Every patient’s face is different, but with the AirFit N20, fitting a broad range of patients can be easy. This compact nasal mask gives patients a clear line of sight and accommodates their movements thanks to the InfinitySeal™ silicone cushion – designed to seal robustly regardless of facial shape or size.

In a Resmed international study, the  AirFit N20 fit 99.4% of all patients tested. The silicone cushion is designed to adapt to different face shapes and sizes.
Visual freedom With its streamlined, minimal contact fit and under-eye frame, the AirFit N20 allows patients  to read or watch TV in bed.
Comfortable to use with lightness and softness all around – from the cushion to the frame to the headgear.

At Resmed, they believe it’s important to have a seal that inspires confidence. AirFit N20’s combination of flexible frame and adaptive cushion design offers a stable, reliable seal for a wider range of patients.

In a recent ResMed study, 75% of patients found AirFit N20 provides greater stability than their current nasal mask.

The Resmed AirFit N20 Nasal mask comes in a small version For Her which has a purple colour headgear whilst the medium and large version come with a blue colour headgear

Sizes - Small For Her, Medium, Large

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