The F20 full face mask has been designed to fit the majority of CPAP users. This is the follow on mask from the successful F1o Full and has taken comfort to a new level. The new Innovative InfinitySeal has been designed to fit everyone, tolerate misfitting and accommodate patient movement. The new frame has been designed to be flexible and support a wide range of facial types. Taking up where the F10 left off this mask provides excellent vision as it has no T piece. The magnetic clipping system is very strong and removes the issues with difficulty in clipping the headgear back to the mask.

This mask has been tested for comfort and Fit and Resmed report that in their own international studies it showed it fit 96.5% of patients. The mask has particularly bee successful on high pressures and with varied facial shapes.

Recent Resmed preference trials have shown that the F2o mask was preferred over other leading brands in 86% of cases. The mask also offers variable sizes with a Small and Medium size options as well as variable headgear size with a For Her version designed for smaller heads.

This mask is all inclusive and includes the Frame, Headgear, cushion and elbow and is all that is needed to use this mask

Sizes - Small ,Medium, Large