The latest release from Resmed has been very popular due to Resmed's great reputation and a great new consumer lifestyle look. The AirSense 10 for her is a has a white look and is only available in the Automatic mode.

Resmed have recognised that the CPAP market is changing and there is a lot more women using CPAP Machines. Their research shows that the airway's of women are slightly smaller than men and this means they present with more snoring and upper airway resistance other than blatant Obstructive Sleep Apnea. This means the algorithm built into this machine will treat these conditions more aggressively and there should be more tailored outcomes for women using this machine.

The Airsense 10 for her has both the male and female algorithm built into it and so men who like the white look can also use this machine. In addition to the look this machine suits the traveller quite well due to the smaller size and lighter weight. The Airsense 10 comes with standard heated breathing tube so the machine can maximise the humidity output to the patient. It has an automatic climate control which will change the output to the conditions it is being used in and guarantees to deliver 85% relative humidity at the end of the tube.

The Airsense 10 also has wireless upload of the data to the cloud and this will be available to Benchmark Sleep Services on the Airview software. The machine also has an SD card but if you either lose the card or it is corrupted, the data will still be there and for those emergencies when issues arise and you can't come to see us we can review your data remotely. There is also a website where you can monitor your own data on a daily basis.

Other features available are mask check where the machine will indicate whether the mask is fitting well or leaking. There is also on board reporting of hours of usage and apnea levels so you can monitor through the machine screen.

Resmed produce a power station for this machine if you are travelling and need an external power source. It is DC compatible and will also run of 110 - 240 V so there is not issues internationally.

The machine includes a ClimateLine tubing, New ergonomic carry bag, SD card, Power pack and filter in the machine.