This new mask from Philips Respironics is said to let you relive your dreams. It is one of the best solutions on the market that offers freedom while still wearing it.

Ever wanted a product that combined the best of both worlds of nasal and pillow masks? Now you have one. The DreamWear is designed to sit under your nose, but on top of your mouth. It also features a design where the headgear sits on top of your head. This way, the long tube does not get in the way of you doing activities such as reading and watching television.

Most patients who have used the DreamWear report experiencing more comfort while using the masks because of its softer silicone cushions. The frame is also wrapped in soft fabric which results in a better experience for the wearer.

The mask includes various sizes in the packet, and includes a one size fits all medium frame. If in any case you will require a larger or smaller frame, you can easily buy it separately.

1116700- DreamWear Fit Pack includes S, M, L nasal cushions and a standard fit frame.