When it comes to CPAP machines, it would be hard to beat the new DreamStation Pro. Aside from it being consumer friendly, it also boasts a newer refreshing look. The DreamStation Pro is a fixed pressure device which only delivers one pressure all night as opposed to the DreamStation Auto which fluctuates the pressure to your needs on a nightly basis. The DreamStation  Auto has a built algorithm guides the unit to adjust the pressures according to the sleep apnea patient’s needs and now has advanced detection so it can detect and report unusual breathing issues. This machine has a optional humidifier that is easy to open, making it easy to clean too. The white color ensures that it will seamlessly blend with the rest of your room, while adding a touch of modern technology. Philips signature style can be seen in every aspect of the product. This is the first CPAP machine to embrace the Philips branding and it lives up to the reputation. “Sense and Simplicity” is the logo for Philips and this machine is simply that.

This particular unit comes with a heated tube and humidifier that work hand in hand to prevent condensation from forming inside the mask. There are both fixed and adaptive settings, with the latter being more flexible as it can monitor the humidity levels in a room, and adjust itself accordingly

In addition to its longer footprint, it also has a color display that shows you information such as pressure levels, mask leaks and apnea levels. Every time you wake, you will find the previous night’s information on the display. Having such information helps in getting patients to be more involved in their treatment.

This machine offers various ways to communicate. It has an application called Dream Mapper which enables information from the machine to be uploaded to a phone, tablet or computer. You can o upload this information using Bluetooth, a cellular modem or Wi-Fi. The latter is particularly useful if you find yourself in a situation where there is no cell coverage. You can also opt to purchase a cellular modem separately. This modem will upload information from your machine to the application one hour after the machine has been used. This data can also be available to your provider and they can provide a details report at the drop of a hat which allows for easy troubleshooting when you are having problems with CPAP

With data easily available, these features encourage users to play an active part in helping themselves sleep better.

Although this product comes with numerous options when it comes to data storage, it still comes with an SD card. The card can be used to store data for the previous 7 days; data including number of breaths. The machine will also do a comparison of the past couple of days and present it in a flow chart.

It also has a color display screen showing vital information such as pressure levels, apnea levels and mask leakage. Once you awaken, the screen will show you information from the previous night including a comparison chart showing usage for the last couple of days.

This product also comes with C Flex and C+ flex. Most of the time patients experience a lot of discomfort due to having to exhale against the pressure. The C Flex + enables the patient to inhale and exhale easily, while the C Flex works to ease the discomfort from exhaling. The C Flex and C Flex+ have both worked well in other models.

The SmartRamp feature is new to the DreamStation series and it helps in regulating the pressure to ensure that the patient sleeps comfortably throughout the night. This technology allows the patient to fall asleep on low pressure, and will only increase the pressure should the patient experience obstruction or snoring during the night.

A diagnostics tool has been made available in the newer models, including the DreamStation. This tool helps in solving any troubleshooting problems that the customer may have. At least 20% of customers tend to return machines to the store, thinking that they’re faulty, while they’re not. A quick check by the tool will determine whether or not there is a problem with the unit.

A $150 cellular data module is available upon a customer’s request.

This machine is able to run off 110 - 240 v which makes it compatible for all overseas countries and automatically adjusts to their power voltage

Want to use this machine with off a battery this machine is well designed with the options of a DC shielded cable which plugs directly to the cigarette lighter socket ( power source) or you can now purchase a spate lithium ion battery designed for all the Philips Respironics CPAP ranges


  • C Flex and C Flex + settings

  • 4-20cm H20

  • Support for multiple languages

  • DC compatible

  • SD card for storage

  • Leak compensation

  • SmartRamp

  • Quiet at less than 30Db

CPAP Machine Includes

  • CPAP Machine

  • Heated Humidifier and chamber

  • Heated tubing Tubing

  • Reusable filter

  • Disposable ultra-fine filter

  • SD card

  • 60W power pack

  • Carry bag

  • Standard 2 year warranty