Philips has joined forces with Respironics to produce a BIPAP machine that makes sleep apnea treatment more comfortable. This is the first BIPAP machine to embrace the Philips branding and it lives up to the reputation. “Sense and Simplicity” is the logo for Philips Respironics and this machine is simply that.

This unit has both set BIPAP pressures or can be used in Automatic mode for sleep apnea. Many CPAP patient's struggle using CPAP and this is often due to the pressures being too strong. BIPAP Auto makes using therapy easier by providing bigger variations when you breathe out against the pressure. This makes usage more comfortable. This can be used as an easier option to CPAP machines and patients who have difficulty using CPAP may do better when using BIPAP.

Patients who have issues with their respiratory function may be prescribed BIPAP. Apart from the Auto mode this can have a set IPAP and EPAP and can be used as a spontaneous BIPAP machine . If you need set pressures it will provide both pressures as prescribed.

This device has the brilliant comfort feature of Bi flex which makes the transition between the two pressures more comfortable. The Bi flex works by adding extra pressure relief whilst rounding the pressure transitions. This often can make using of BIPAP feel more natural.

The Encore pro software and SD card allows for downloading of the machine and will report in depth data from its advanced event detection for the previous 7 days while recording extensive machine usage. It also allows for a flow report from the last 8 hours and shows every breath you take. It leaves nothing to chance.

The System One Remstar Pro combines all these features to optimize comfort for the patient. It truly is an intelligent solution.