Leading on from the success of the Pilairo is their updated version called the Pilairo Q. This has been a very successful mask and they have integrated a diffuser at the exhalation port which now makes this very quiet. Fisher and Paykel have designed a new headgear which prevents stretching and provides more stability. They provide you with both styles of headgear in the one packet which gives the customer great flexibility in using the Pilairo Q

The Fisher and Paykel Pilairo™ Nasal Pillows mask is the latest mask to be released into the CPAP market. Weighing in as the lightest nasal pillows mask ( 52 grams), the Pilairo™ is light on the patient and big on performance.

The clever design integrates new self-inflating Airpillow™ Seal and a minimalist headgear. As a result, the sleep apnea patient experiences freedom of movement coupled with stability they can trust.

The new Airpillow™ seal is soft, comfortable and highly effective. The fine seal (0.12mm) is designed to self inflate with the CPAP Machine flow and to gently envelop the nose. This mask is designed to make the need for complicated adjustments to the headgear redundant. The headgear is a soft latex free elasticized thread with intelligent stretch properties.

The Pilairo™ has one size which fits all people. The stabilizers provide the support needed for the airpillow seal and provides the stability these masks need.