The Fisher and Paykel ICONTM++ is the latest machine from Fisher and Paykel Healthcare. It comes in 2 different models with an ICONTM++Auto or an ICONTM++ Premo. The ICONTM++ Auto is an automatic CPAP machine for the treatment of sleep apnea and the ICONTM++ Premo is a fixed pressure machine. They look identical and it is the software built into the machine that is the differentiation. Both machines has ThermoSmartTM technology which ensures optimal humidity and comfort for the patient via a heated breathing tube. No more condensation issues. The unit and humidifier are fully integrated and cannot be separated.

Fisher and Paykel Healthcare are world leaders in humidification and have been making humidfication systems for over 50 years.  The IconTM++ certainly does live up to this with a great humidifier and the ThermoSmartTM technology is world class.

The ICONTM also has a feature called “SensAwake” which will respond to waking moments by reducing pressure to a bare minimum. The forward facing clock creates great appeal with customized AlarmTunes. It will provide a full download to provide your physician with information. The Alarm clock also comes with music mode and you may even load your own songs. The small footprint and the fact is has dual purpose as a clock and alarm makes this a popular item.