New Facial studio at benchmark Sleep Services

Benchmark Sleep devices are really excited about having the first facial studio from Bespoke Medical. This is a sign of the standing that we have within the sleep apneas community that we have been chosen as the first location in Australia to have one.

What does the studio do? The whole purpose of the studio is to capture multiple images of a patients face from different angles. These images can then be used to tailor make a cpap mask that is perfect for your face. This will reduce leakage and add a lot of comfort to the patient and in the long run this should make it easier to use. The process is quite simple. Ring benchmark sleep services on 02 8068 8264 or send us an email at [email protected] and we can arrange a time for you to visit our store.

The process in store takes about 15 minutes and the images are emailed direct to bespoke medical. The images will be then translated to a 3D image and the seal will be printed on a 3D printer and sent back to us for collection. The whole mask costs approximately $499 but is well worth it as the mask is the most critical part of the process. For more information you can visit the

Bespoke medical website